Yard Detectors of Austin

Welcome to Metal Detecting Services

Here at Yard Detectors of Austin, we offer a comprehensive metal detecting service. Our on-site search team is fully skilled at specific target detection and excavation. Whatever you are looking for, give us a call. We can help locate a variety of items lost in difficult to find places.

Even if you didn't lose an item, but would like to search for what might be found in your yard, give us a call to schedule an on-site visit.

  • Most Advanced Metal Detectors on the Market

  • High Definition Full Color Screens

  • Three-Frequency Detection for locating oldest, deepest treasures

  • Choice of Three Scan Programs - Coin & Jewelry recommended

  • Night Scans - available upon request

  • Professional Cleaning of all Finds

  • All Metal Detectors Equipped with Sun Ray In-line Pinpoint Probes - 98% effective on all targets

  • Additional Professional-Grade Detector Available to be used by you and/or your child

  • We Do Birthday Parties - Our most popular feature!

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